Crisis Intervention

The On-Call Advocacy Program (OCAP) Response Line provides immediate crisis intervention services for domestic violence victims 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.  OCAP Advocates are available to meet with a victim at a safe location to provide tangible resources, or speak with them on the phone.  The Metropolitan Police Department requires officers to offer OCAP services to every domestic violence victim they speak with and to call our Response Line from the scene of domestic violence crime on the victim’s behalf.  An OCAP Advocate can provide:

  • safety planning;
  • legal information;
  • immediate crisis shelter;
  • help securing the victim’s home
  • emergency financial assistance for food, bus fare, and supplies for babies and children;
  • access to the Emergency Temporary Protection Order (ETPO) process; and
  • next-day follow-up from a SAFE Advocate.

OCAP Advocates can also assist MPD officers and detectives by answering questions about victim resources, protection orders, and other legal options for domestic violence victims. OCAP Advocates collaborate closely with police officers and the community to build awareness about OCAP services, and about domestic violence as a public safety issue.

In addition to the Metropolitan Police Department, the OCAP Response Line is now available to over 18 partner non-profit organizations and government agencies in addition to the Metropolitan Police Department including the District’s Child and Family Services Agency whose social workers are required to contact the OCAP Response Line when a child abuse or neglect case involves domestic violence, the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, the DC Rape Crisis Center, The Polaris Project, My Sister’s Place hotline, Ayuda, Inc. and many others.