Supportive Advocacy Internship Program

Job Description
Supportive Advocacy Interns work alongside Advocates to assist survivors of domestic violence.
Interns primarily assist SAFE clients by:
● Providing resources and facilitating access to social services
● Guiding clients through the civil and criminal justice process.

The primary objective of a Supportive Advocacy Intern is to support victims and survivors of
domestic violence as they take steps to become self-sufficient, while also learning about the civil
and criminal justice system in Washington, DC. In addition to providing services, interns strive
to improve survivors’ safety and well-being through systems advocacy. This position is a
volunteer, unpaid internship.

● Complete 40 hours of Domestic Violence Core Competency Training in order to obtain
Advocate Privilege in the District of Columbia (provided by DC SAFE)
● Provide crisis intervention and safety planning for individuals seeking services
● Diligently maintain client records and SAFE databases
● Complete internship research project in partnership with supervisor
● Present final research project in the last 2 weeks of internship
● Provide immediate tangible resources for crisis intervention and facilitating access to
Continuum Partners.
● Guide clients through the civil and criminal justice process with the central concern
always being the client’s’ immediate safety and self-determination.
● Complete 2 internship reports and turn in reports to internship supervisor
● Assist with outreach events.
● Perform additional duties as needed and when so directed.
● Serves as an effective ambassador, builds connections, and maintains relationships with
outside constituents.
● Creating an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture

Site Specific Responsibilities:
DVIC (Intake Center)
○ Closely follows protocol and procedures achieves thoroughness and accuracy
when accomplishing a task through concern for all the areas involved.
○ Assist DC SAFE clients in drafting petitions, motions and other legal documents
related to Civil Protection Orders (CPO’s) and Temporary Protection Orders
○ Accompany clients to Court, and answer questions as they arise throughout the
Protection Order process
○ Provide crisis intervention, safety planning, and emotional support for victims and
survivors in the Domestic Violence Intake Centers in Northwest and Southeast
○ Provide information, referrals, letters of recommendation and broad-based
advocacy for victims to facilitate their access to social service programs;
○ Facilitate clients’ access to emergency housing, food, and transportation services
and assist clients in applying for Crime Victims’ Compensation
○ Completing follow-up for clients who have visited the Domestic Violence Intake

○ Following up with clients 24 hours before CPO date
○ Accompany clients to Court and answer questions as they arise throughout the
Protection Order Process
○ Provide any additional support or referrals for clients

What you will gain
● 40 hour advocate training
● Developed research project
● Direct service experience
● Networking opportunities with DC SAFE’s partner agencies
● Case management skills

● Currently enrolled in an accredited college or graduate program with an academic
concentration in women’s studies, social work, legal studies/law, criminal justice, or
social justice
● Demonstrated interest in women’s rights, victim empowerment, public interest law or
community service.
● Ability to complete mandatory 40-hour training program.
● Ability to complete required research project and internship reports
● Fluency in Spanish or Amharic is a plus.
● Internship hours are completed Monday-Friday during normal court hours
● Dedication and attention to detail are extremely important.

How to Apply
Please send a resume and cover letter in one combined PDF document to
Include “Supportive Advocacy Internship Application” in the subject line of your email, and
specify your time availability and if you are completing your masters or bachelors in the cover
letter. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until otherwise noted.