Become an Honorary Advocate

Honorary Advocates provide consistent support to SAFE with recurring monthly contributions.

When you join SAFE’s Honorary Advocates Program, you will join a special group of people reaching out every month to support survivors. Together we can end domestic violence in the District of Columbia.

Recurring monthly giving helps more than 400 survivors every month.

With your support:

$10 a month = transportation for a survivor to and from the courthouse to receive advocacy and a protection order

$25 per month = court accompaniment for 5 survivors

$50 per month = 24/7 on-call emergency advocacy for a survivor at an ER/hospital

$75 per month = 4 hours of operation of SAFE’s ACCION/Response Line

$100 per month = a night of safe shelter for a survivor fleeing from violence

How Monthly Donations Work

As an Honorary Advocate, you will retain complete control of your giving and may increase, decrease or suspend your contributions at any time. Click here to fill in the online donation form and select Monthly under Donation Frequency. Your first charge will be issued the day you sign up and will continue on the same day and month thereafter.

To make changes to your monthly giving or for questions please contact Natalia at, call 202-506-2901, or fill out the form below.