Stock SAFE’s Shelves

Stock SAFE’s Shelves

In the past twelve months, Survivors and Advocates for Empowerment (SAFE) provided nearly 5,000 nights of safe housing for just over 700 domestic violence victims. When people are fleeing abuse, they often cannot take the time to pack a suitcase or even grab a toothbrush. They flee at any time of the day, or in the middle of the night.

No matter the day or the hour, SAFE is available to help with shelter, a safety plan, and supplies. The demand is high in Washington, D.C. and the cost of supplies can be daunting.

This winter season as you are stocking-up for your home, consider adding a few extra items to your order, and donate the extra to our crisis shelter, SAFE Space.

SAFE has never faltered in providing basic needs items to its clients, and that is because YOU continue to answer our call to STOCK SAFE’s SHELVES.

From shelf-stable food items and toothpaste to shampoo and laundry detergent, SAFE is asking you to help us restock the shelves at SAFE Space. While we have a fairly long list, we are mindful of our limited storage space. Unless the items are specifically listed on the Critical Needs Wish List, we kindly ask that you do not donate clothing to SAFE. Consider donating the clothing to one of the many other organizations in the city that can readily accommodate such items.

With your help, SAFE is confident that we can continue to provide crisis intervention services to those who turn to us while fleeing violent relationships.

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