SAFE By the Numbers – November 2012

SAFE By the Numbers – November 2012
In November 2012 SAFE Advocates assisted 567 victims of domestic violence.  The On Call Advocacy Program Response Line assisted 287 families with immediate crisis intervention services and information, while the Court Advocacy Program helped 280 families with legal information and advocacy services.  
In November 2012 SAFE Advocates: 
  • Provided 62 referrals to pro-bono legal agencies for victims seeking legal representation;
  •  Accompanied 71 victims to court to provide information and support for their hearing for a Civil Protection Order;
  • Created safety plans with 303 victims to ensure that they had a plan of action to keep themselves safe every day; and
  •  Provided emergency financial assistance such as food vouchers, clothing, replacement medication and transportation to 60 families.
  •  Wrote 158 petitions for Civil Protection Orders to assist victims seeking legal relief who could not afford or obtain an attorney;
  • Housed 48 families within one hour of a violent incident and provided 25 lock changes to keep victims safe from future abuse;
Of the families that SAFE assisted last month, 58 were at high risk of homicide at the hands of an abuser, and 140 had children in common with their abuser.

This holiday season SAFE needs your help to continue to provide quality services to DC families.  If you are on Facebook, you can do a Holiday Wish on behalf of SAFE through Causes. You can also give directly to SAFE Space Shelter through our Amazon Wish List, or donate through Indiegogo All donations to SAFE are tax deductible.  Thank you for your interest in SAFE and your support for our life-saving work!

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